Clear Corporate Finance (Scale Up Cap BV) supports LHI with its Green Infrastructure Funds and asset sourcing

March 31, 2021

LHI and Scale Up signed an agreement in which both parties agreed to intensely work together in the coming fundraise for new LHI Green Infrastructure Funds.

Scale Up will support LHI with investors outside the DACH region as well as projects. LHI, with over 45 years of experience and a staff of 250, is one of the most successful German investment and asset managers today; managing assets (AUM) of over € 15 billion.

LHI`s Green Infrastructure Funds  are and will be larger portfolio funds, with a focus of approx. 70% wind & solar and approx. 30% other renewable energies. LHI will manage the fund, which has a term of 25 years and anticipated steady returns.
LHI and Scale up signed an agreement on 3rd of March 2021; further strengthening their relationship, which sprang in 2017. Parties enjoy a solid relationship, that is built on a shared vision and understanding.

Willem-Jeroen Stevens, Managing Partner Scale Up: ”LHI is a highly professional organization that is entrusted by institutional investors with significant capital. Over the years we have worked together on several projects and I’m honored to be able to intensify our partnership and assist LHI for their Green Infrastructure Funds . We will use our methodological, in-depth approach to connect potential investors to the LHI funds. We will also support LHI in finding Renewable projects with the right focus for those funds.

Markus Niedermeier, Managing Director of the LHI Group: “We are looking forward to working together on those projects with Scale Up. We know the experienced people of Scale Up and are always very satisfied with their proactive way of work, solution oriented approach and depth of their network; be it funders or projects.

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