Clear Corporate Finance welcomes PIVOT Capital Management LLC as a new International Partner

June 29, 2022

As of June 21st 2022, Pivot Capital Management llc (Pivot), represented by Csaba CSEDŐ has joined Clear as out latest International Partner. Pivot is active in Central Europe, HQ in Budapest, Hungary


PIVOT Capital Management LLC is coordinating as well as supervisory office for partners and associates in Hungary and across Central & Eastern Europe dealing with management consultancy and executive search related complex projects. Pivot is managed by Csaba. Csaba: “In my early professional career, many years ago, I had been fortunate enough to start with Dutch and US based financial multinationals, giving me opportunity to get accustomed with operational and result minded excellence.
Later I joined US and UK based consultancy and recruitment multinationals, where I had been involved in international projects and also the setting up of one of their subsidiaries in Central Europe.

During my almost two decades in the multinational corporate environment, I realized that companies (and to a great extent individuals in their professional life) basically need two things from a consultant and business professional (provided they already have a marketable service or product): solving their immediate and longer term business related problems and generating additional opportunities for them.

My broad international network and personality also allowed me to tap into the immense human capital and key information needed to solve and help. Being on the international stage and enjoying handling complex and demanding tasks, usually, in most of the cases, have entertained me utterly, and in rare, sort of, disappointing cases, I’ve found it fascinating to learn from experiences, and to subsequently contemplate about lessons.

Thus, in the last decade I’ve been involved in Central European and broader international projects of different kinds and industries, and in the process I got in touch with my long time colleague and boss at ING, Pieter de Haes as we have gotten into a number of joint projects. I also met other great people in the organization of Clear Corporate Finance, all of them highly professional and pleasant individuals. And, yet again, I realized that we are not “working” at all, rather we enjoy solving business growth related issues and providing solutions and generating opportunities. And since we are all seasoned professionals bringing in great experiences, the value added can be, and I am sure, it will be, quite exponential.

This is my main goal joining this fine gathering of pros”.

International Partner

Pieter de Haes, Partner at Clear, welcomes Pivot and Csaba to the team: “It is with great pleasure that we at Clear Corporate Finance welcome my former Hungarian colleague Csaba Csedo as our new international partner for the Central European area. During my time in Hungary we spent much time together on getting deals done. I learned to highly appreciate his teamspirit, good sense of humour and most of all his eagerness to create excellent results for his clients. Csaba brings a strong network and deep knowledge in respect of sustainability with a strong focus on energy transition. I very much look forward to our renewed cooperation and wish Csaba all the success with this new partnership.”