Clear. welcomes Roelof Platenkamp

November 1, 2023


Roelof Platenkamp

Known as an entrepreneur, with a strong background in oil & gas exploration, energy in general and electricity storage in particular - after an evolving career at Shell, where he held various senior executive positions Roelof founded Tulip Oil in 2010 together with Barclays Natural Resources. After ensuring the success of the company (now commercialized) he exited in 2018 and started activities in renewables and battery storage. Roelof is and has been active as a board member and strategic advisor to multiple businesses - amongst others at Circular Industries, that focuses on large scale recycling and upgrading e-waste, ForOil, optimizing production for mature fields and Jumbo Shipping. His unstoppable curiosity for physics and sciences in general is rooted in his DNA, getting reflected in a strong personal interest in time traveling through star gazing and the intriguing stories he shares about this matter.


“Joining Clear. gives me the opportunity to be involved with high potential technology companies that are making a difference in the field of energy transition - it is my pleasure to provide these savvy pioneers with the knowledge and insights I gained during my career. It keeps broaden my perspective to new approaches, sparking my inquisitiveness for renewables.”


Willem-Jeroen Stevens, Managing Director: "The in-depth knowledge and experience Roelof carries will strengthen the Clear. deal teams on technological issues. Besides, his network and especially the credits he earned as a professional that is widely appreciated, will be very interesting to utilize for finding the right investor for our clean tech mandates. We can all learn from Roelof and are very much looking forward to that - proud to have him on board of the Clear. team!”